SHODO JAPAN a new way to enjoy learning Japanese! Learn Japanese calligraphy ONLINE! Study using tutorial videos presented in natural English.

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1. Getting Ready

SHODO JAPAN lessons are conducted via Zoom.
Zoom lessons will require you have a webcam, microphone, speakers and internet access.
Please be sure to install Zoom and register before the day of the lesson.

Download Zoom here

2. Free Registration

SHODO JAPAN requires registration for a free membership.
For families, please register a separate account for each person enrolled.
Registration requires NO upfront payments or monthly fees.

Register here

3. Verifying your Zoom Lesson Schedule

One (1) lesson at SHODO JAPAN includes one (1) Zoom lesson. We recommend 15 days to complete the lesson assignment.
A 90-day course includes six (6) Zoom lessons, a 180-day course (12) Zoom lessons, and a 360-day course (24) Zoom lessons.
You can view a calendar for 2 months’ worth of Zoom lessons, so choose the most convenient time and apply for a lesson reservation.
※You can only reserve lessons after enrolling in a course.

Reserve a Zoom Lesson here

4. Course Selection・Payment

Select Course Application/Payment from My Page.
A 90-day course includes (6) assignments, a 180-day course (12) assignments, and a 360-day course (24) assignments.
Payment is done through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, please register one at the link below.

Register for PayPal here

First-time learners can select Free Assessment from the menu to get a level check and recommended starting course.

Get a Free Assessment here

1. Video Seminar

Prepare the sample work provided and practice reproducing it yourself while watching the video lecture. Do this over and over until you are confident in your ability.
Each lesson is accompanied with a 5-15 minute video of a Japanese instructor giving a step-by-step guide in English.
Please let us know if you have trouble playing the video.

2. Submit your Assignment for an Assessment

Once you feel you have sufficient practice, create your final work for submission.
Once the assignment is complete, use a digital camera or smartphone to take a picture, upload the data, and we will begin your assessment.

How to take a picture.
Take your picure from directly above, and frame it so the subject fills the whole screen.。

3. Reserve a Zoom Lesson

After submission, you will have a lesson with the instructor via Zoom to review your work. Choose the most convenient time from the Zoom lesson schedule.

Reserve a Zoom Lesson here

※A single lesson is 30 minutes long and group lessons are at a maximum of (9) people. Lessons are conducted in English by a Japanese instructor.
If you do not wish to have a Zoom lesson, we will simply send you the instructor’s assessment and comments.

4. Confirm Zoom Lesson Day/Time

Once the instructor verifies your request, the reservation will be confirmed.
Upon verification, you will receive a message in your Message Box under My Courses.
Before the lesson, you will receive a request in Zoom to add the instructor to your contacts. Please be sure to do so before the day of the lesson.
On the day of the lesson, please login 10 minutes before your lesson start time and wait for the instructor to contact you.
If you do not wish to have a Zoom lesson, or you are absent for any reason, we will simply send you the instructor’s assessment and comments.

※Any changes or cancellations must be done at least 12 hours in advance. If you do not properly cancel your lesson, you will be considered absent and lose that Zoom lesson from your allotted total.

5. After the Zoom Lesson

Once the lesson is complete, you will receive further review instructions and advice from the instructor.
Use this to review what you learned and reproduce the assignment one more time.
Once the assignment is complete, use a digital camera or smartphone to take a picture and upload the data.
※For the Examination Course, you will need to send your work to headquarters for proper consideration.

We recommend 15 days for to complete a single lesson. (Steps 1-5)

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