SHODO JAPAN a new way to enjoy learning Japanese! Learn Japanese calligraphy ONLINE! Study using tutorial videos presented in natural English.

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I discovered calligraphy…

I discovered calligraphy as I was looking to further my study of Japanese.
I studied Japanese at college,
and then I came to Japan and took the Kanji Aptitude Test.
I love just how much depth there is to the language!
Calligraphy lets me explore the Japanese language to my heart's content.
Amico's tips and advice are really easy to understand, and every lesson is a joy.


Calligraphy helped me…

Calligraphy helped me to understand the world around me-now I know what's written on all those signs around town!
Different stores in Japan use different typeface,
so you'll still find stuff you can't read, even if you know the kanji.
Doing calligraphy helped improve my reading comprehension for
different typeface and writing styles, and I even discovered some new shops now that I could read their signs!
I'm still working on deciphering Japanese restaurant menus, though!


Learning calligraphy helped me…

Learning calligraphy helped me remember all the different stroke orders!
After my first year in Japan, I could speak a little bit,
but writing was still difficult.
Learning calligraphy with Amico made the once tedious job of memorizingstroke orders a whole lot of fun!
Even when I head back to London,
I'll still be able to continue my lessons on Skype!
I can't wait!


I really love Japanese…

I really love Japanese and American culture, andI want to treasure them both!
My daughter is half Japanese and half American,
and I'm eager to have her learn everything she can about both cultures.
It's can be tough because herJapanese ability is still low.
Once she started learning with Amico, however,
she gained the confidence to express herself in Japanese,
and she's been speaking in Japanese every chance she can get!


Calligraphy is Art!

For my son, calligraphylessons are like a trip to the art room.
Usually, I can never get him to sit still,
but when he gets a brush in his hand,
he stays focused from start to finish.
He's always so happy when we hang up his finished works in the living room.

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