SHODO JAPAN a new way to enjoy learning Japanese! Learn Japanese calligraphy ONLINE! Study using tutorial videos presented in natural English.

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What is

What is Shodo JAPAN?
【Why should I learn calligraphy?】
Year after year, a large number of travelers come from overseas to experience Japan, and year after year, we hear the same reaction: “Japanese is so difficult!”
Of course, trying to learn any new language is going to be a huge task, but Japanese has some unique aspects that make it especially hard for overseas visitors.


We sell calligraphy tools!
We stock traditional brushes made in Kumano, Hiroshima and many other goods!
Our products come direct from a calligraphy goods shop established in 1953, so we can provide you with the best tools possible.



Learn calligraphy ONLINE!
Study using tutorial videos presented in natural English and have your works corrected live via Zoom.
Instructors will follow your progress every step of the way, so even if it’s your first time picking up a brush, we can help!

First-time Visitors


class room

Welcome to the Sousen School of Calligraphy
Schedule,Address and more

This is the headquarters of Shodo JAPAN.



These are the available courses.
If you are unsure which course to begin with, we offer free assessment of your current level.



Feedback from our students.
Students of all levels of Japanese ability are enjoying calligraphy!



Need beautifully painted Japanese characters for your logo or design? Feel free to contact our instructors!

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