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Specified Commercial Transactions information

Seller My spring
Operating Director Amiko Tanaka
Address 〒432-8061
Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi Nishi-ku Irino-cho 1900-37
Telephone Number +81 (0)90-3238-1087
Email Address
Retail Price See merchandise page for details.
Other costs Consumption tax(if shipping overseas, customs tax)
Shipping fees (for international shipments, EMS and additional insurance fees may apply)
※What are additional insurance fees…
EMS insures the package in case of damages in case of loss, physical damage or theft.
EMS fees insure the shipment up to 20,000 yen. In case of items exceeding 20,000 yen,
and additional 50 yen is required for each additional 20,000 yen in value.

Customs tax, import tax and handling fees
Purchased items will incur taxes and other import fees upon arrival at customs in the destination country
in addition to other handling fees.
Such fees will be the responsibility of the customer, so please pay these directly upon delivery.
For more details, please contact the customs agency in your country as tax and customs policies may differ.
Shipping rates Japan domestic shipping(country-wide, 630 yen)

International shipping Express Mail Service(EMS)
Shipping charges may change based on size, weight and region.
Boxing and packaging included in the total weight.
※Example:Calligraphy set 1 set is about 4~5kg

Express Mail Service(EMS) Check rates and delivery days
Zone First Zone Second Zone Third Zone
Weight Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
Up to 500g1,400yen2,000yen2,200yen2,400yen
Up to 600g1,540yen2,180yen2,400yen2,740yen
Up to 700g1,680yen2,360yen2,600yen3,080yen
Up to 800g1,820yen2,540yen2,800yen3,420yen
Up to 900g1,960yen2,720yen3,000yen3,760yen
Up to 1.0kg2,100yen2,900yen3,200yen4,100yen
Up to 1.25kg2,400yen3,300yen3,650yen4,900yen
Up to 1.5kg2,700yen3,700yen4,100yen5,700yen
Up to 1.75kg3,000yen4,100yen4,550yen6,500yen
Up to 2.0kg3,300yen4,500yen5,000yen7,300yen
Up to 2.5kg3,800yen5,200yen5,800yen8,900yen
Up to 3.0kg4,300yen5,900yen6,600yen10,300yen
Up to 3.5kg4,800yen6,600yen7,400yen11,800yen
Up to 4.0kg5,300yen7,300yen8,200yen13,300yen
Up to 4.5kg5,800yen8,000yen9,000yen14,800yen
Up to 5.0kg6,300yen8,700yen9,800yen16,300yen
Up to 5.5kg6,800yen9,400yen10,600yen17,800yen
Up to 6.0kg7,300yen10,100yen11,400yen19,300yen
Up to 7.0kg8,100yen11,200yen12,700yen21,400yen
Up to 8.0kg8,900yen12,300yen14,000yen23,500yen
Up to 9.0kg9,700yen13,400yen15,300yen25,600yen
Up to 10.0kg10,500yen14,500yen16,600yen27,700yen
How to Order Online transaction processed via shopping cart
Payment Method Credit card(via PayPal)
Shipping 【Merchandise is In Stock】
Ships in 1~3 business days.

【Merchandise is Out of Stock】
If the requested item is not in stock, we must purchase it from our reseller, which takes 3~5 days.
Once receipt is confirmed, we will notify you of the expected delivery date by email.

【International Shipping】
The delivery period, after shipment, is about 3~5 business days, but this may change based on destination.
Delivery dates may also change due to local holidays when customs workers are off.
Please understand that issues at customs can also add further delays.
Please also be aware that customs may open packaging for inspection by customs before it arrives at its destination,
Returns and Exchanges For returns and exchanges, be sure to email us within 7 days of receipt of the item or contact us using the Contact Form.
The return/exchange process
Please be aware that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following situations:
・8 or more days have passed since receipt of the items.
・The items have been used.
・The items were damaged in any way by the customer
・The items were order-made with the customer's name, etc.
・Consumables that have been opened.

If the customer chooses to refure delivery or return the items, return shpping costs are to be paid by the customer.
【Product Defects】
We take all steps to ensure our product is of the highest quality, but in cases where a product is damaged or of the
incorrect size/type, our company will pay for the shipping costs.
※ Please be aware that products may exhibit slight differences in color and shape compared with the images on our site.
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